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We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, the provincial capital city of Alberta, is definitely rich in history and stories of early settlements and growth. From early fur trade periods to busy, metropolitan centre of education, innovation, and arts – its residents have come a long way!

Fort Edmonton was originally settled by the Hudson Bay Company in the fur trade industry. Right along the North Saskatchewan River in 1795. It wasn’t without its competitors! Fort Augustus, of the North West Company was it’s near by neighbor. It did amalgamate with the North West Company to become the central fortified trading post for the Saskatchewan district fur trade in 1821. Then, after flooding, it was rebuilt 7 years later on higher ground. This was actually the 5th time the Fort had been moved or rebuilt and would be its final spot. When the Alberta Legislature Building was built in 1913, it was situated on the north terrace of the Fort. The Legislature grounds in Edmonton have a marker for historical reference to the corner of the placement and proximity of the Fort, resting much higher on the upper banks of the river.

The Fort served as a trading destination for early First Nations people to bring goods for trade with the European settlers. It would have seen many traders and settlers coming and going. 

Historical Fort Edmonton Park is a great place to learn more about our early settlements and the fur trade post. Reconstructed buildings and settlements are open for visitors to come and explore what it would have been like to live back during that defining period.

Edmonton is still a busy community. With great neighborhoods, excellent schools, an entrepreneurial business spirit, innovation driven, and so much more! Its residents are treated to some of the best restaurants and entertainment venues. Safe family -communities provide wonderful foundations to build families and establish roots. And it keeps growing and expanding as more and more people choose to make it their home.