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We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Sherwood Park Alberta, located east of the city of Edmonton, is the largest hamlet in the world. You can look that up in the Guinness Book of World Records! This community is not a small sleepy little hollow with a small handful of people calling it their home. This is a large, thriving community within Strathcona County. 

What is unique about Sherwood Park is that it is large enough to be considered a city on its own. But the residents have maintained their unique status as a hamlet instead. Strathcona County has a unique status granted by the province back in 1996. It is a specialized municipality, with both Rural Service area status and Urban Service area status. The Urban Service area allows for similar grants and awards as a City has access to. And the Rural Service area allows for grants and awards at a municipal level. This is the reason that this hamlet of Sherwood Park has resisted becoming incorporated as a city.

Regardless of its status, Sherwood Park is as much an urban centre as other cities that surround Edmonton. Businesses thrive well in this area, due to the large number of residents living within it. Many do commute to Edmonton for work but Sherwood Park is fully stocked with all things needed for community living. Schools, shopping malls, restaurants, gas and convenience stores, hardware stores, etc. It is not surprising that it continues to grow each year.

Interestingly, this hamlet had to change names. Sherwood Park became the name of this hamlet in 1956. It had previously been named Campbelltown. The reason that it was changed was due to the confusion it caused Canada Post. Apparently, due to other communities with the same name in Canada, the mail was often misdirected all over the place! Thus, Sherwood Park became the new, official name of this large hamlet.